A Holiday Message from our CEO

by Tom on December 17, 2012

Last week was the busiest December week I probably have ever had… It started from our NC office Monday and spent Monday night in Henderson, AR. Then onto Bentonville Tuesday, back to the NC office Wednesday then to Houston, TX Wednesday then back to NC office Thursday night at midnight then left NC for Brooklyn, NY at 5AM Friday and then back home Saturday with my fantastic grandparents in Tow!

Yes it was exhausting; yes is was productive, and yes I love it! I was going to try writing a great holiday message; but I won’t. In a nutshell, everything is going great, and we are very busy, and we are constantly moving forward.

I sat in my office in Brooklyn on Friday, fielding calls and discussing our accomplishments and projects that will take us into 2013 with Rick, our manager. The news came across of this horrible tragedy in Connecticut. I found myself affected and upset. Not again, I thought. I have tried both in my personal life as in my business life to keep my political position and religious thoughts to myself. This time I have something to say!

As we all get ready to celebrate this Holiday Season, my heart hurts for those who won’t be able to celebrate. I have not yet been blessed with children, but I love them. I can’t even imagine the pain being suffered in Connecticut and many other places around the country were lives are cut short.

So my message for anyone who will read this:

Renew your faith, Love your family, rise above simple disagreements, cherish your time and your life on this planet. As our politicians continue to argue the path forward, you and I can do two things to help:

1) If you know or are related to anyone who seems troubled, you cannot sit quietly by anymore. Speak up and reach out to that person.

2) If you are a gun owner, (which I am) or you have gun owners in your family, go today to any sports store and buy gun locks for everyone you know and give them as presents!

Who knows what will help; there is no silver bullet here. But if everyone gets involved perhaps we can save one precious life together…

I leave with this prayer:

Lord God, source and destiny of our lives, in your loving providence, you gave us these beautiful children to grow in wisdom, age, and grace.

Now you have called them to you. We grieve over the loss of these so young and struggle to understand Your purpose.

Lord please draw them close to You and give them full stature in Christ. May they stand with all the angels, who know Your Love and Praise Your will.


Thank you everyone, Shareholders, our team, our vendors, our customers, our friends! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa 2013 will be a amazing year!



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