About Us

Can’t Find Our Products? Our Beverages are coming to a retail location near you! If the store you visit doesn’t carry our products, please take the time to inform management that you would appreciate if they would contact their local distributor to begin supplying Bebevco products. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with BeBevCo, please use the contact information below.

Bebida is an innovative Beverage Company dedicated to making products aimed towards significantly important target markets within the United States, as well as, Latin America and abroad. We are committed to increasing our company’s size and scope through unique marketing and most importantly customer satisfaction through cutting edge new products.



Company Growth


Our growth strategies will focus on a number of major initiatives including, unique branding opportunities that will be targeted at key demographic groups, and to develop strong community and distributor relationships.


The Future of Bebida Beverage Company


As we look to the future, our company will develop and build brands focused on strong rates of growth within key fundamental consumer groups. Our company strives to become a leading developer of uniquely enticing beverage alternatives geared specifically towards large, significantly important demographics within major markets in both North and South American, Europe and Africa.


The global soft drink and bottled water manufacturing industry is expected to produce revenue of $146.5 billion in 2008, with growth projected to continue at a rate of 4 percent, with the U.S. at its forefront, producing estimated revenue of $168.6 billion by 2012.


Purified drinking water is currently the leading global seller, with U.S. companies dominating the field. The U.S. is the largest consumer market for bottled water the world, followed by Mexico, China, and Brazil.

Redefining Relaxation


The relaxation or “anti-energy” drink category is new to the beverage industry. This type of drink is dedicated to helping consumers achieve a level of relaxation without the use of pills or alcohol. Bebida Beverage Company is excited to introduce their own prestigious brand of relaxation beverage through Koma Unwind and Koma Unwind shots. These drinks are predicted to be a huge success.