BeBevCo Shareholder Update 25 January 2013

by Tom on January 25, 2013

Greetings Everyone, and a Happy New Year. Sorry has taken me so long to get this done. We are having an ice storm and that has grounded me for the day!

The New Year has been crazy! Never before have we had so much going on, I thought we would ease into more through the month of January. Yeah that’s not happening. We are operating wide open… Distributors calling, talking to chains stores, Trade Shows, meetings, meetings and more meetings!

From Dec 1 until this week I have been on 26 airplanes! We have hired 5 people this month alone, and are close to hiring 3 more. We are adding 1400 more square feet of offices and just bought (14) 8×8 cubicles to outfit our new office space.

The Relaxation Revolution is running on all cylinders. Our NYC location, started a bit ugly with our keys and Hurricane Sandy coming in the same week. But Ricky has things moving along and gaining momentum there. Our EU project had a brief setback, but is certainly happening very soon. (Because we haven’t announced anything doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot happening!)

We also had a good meeting with Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas; KOMA UNWIND is still the only relaxation drink in Walmart. Heck we added over 25 locations this month!

In the next few weeks, we will make some announcements about the first and second quarter marketing initiatives, new partners, and some other fun stuff. I will be finalizing our plans on the stock buyback, and all things about our next 12 months.

This time I will lay it out differently to shareholders with a what we are doing, followed by why we are doing it. From time to time, I meet some of you investors, at shows or on the phone or even when you come visit us here at the office. I have learned more about you and what you need from me on a communication front and I hope I can keep learning.

The office will be open all day 10AM to 8PM on Daytona 500 Sunday Feb 24 for anyone who wants to come out to the BeBevCo Theater and enjoy the race


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