Shareholder Update 4 Dec 2012

by Tom on December 4, 2012

Shareholders, Good Morning,

It always amazes me how the fear spread by the few can manipulate the minds of the many. Years ago we went to war over WMD that seemingly didn’t exist. Billions of dollars later and many human lives lost, the few got what they wanted. Couple of years ago a Bird Flu pandemic was going to eradicate human life unless you had Tamiflu tablets.

Now we are faced with “fiscal cliffs”, Global Warming, the end of time according to the Mayan calendar and a DTC Chill.

Well, ladies and gentleman, I don’t live my life like that.  I base my best decisions on the facts and science and not always listening to those screaming the loudest. If a person tells you he knows everything about something, he is probably lying… Yesterday,  while I was with our attorney, I got frantic texts that the DTC locked our stock. Then all day our team riffled through emails from people and reached out to all agencies that would or could do this. But nothing came up. Nothing changed at the DTC.  We have had a chill for over 2 years (DTC only has 5 million shares of BBDA; the rest is traded institutionally).  We have spent thousands of dollars looking for a DTC solution to no avail. However we do have a renewed attempt on the way.

So at the end of the day, once again, I’m told the fear mongers got their way; they scared the hell out of the many. I suspect as they continue to scare people they also continue to buy. And that is what they do. One of our very knowledgeable advisors told me yesterday–  “Don’t believe it’s possible to only SELL”.

Because a seller needs a buyer.  And those who are buying are the winners this time…

I have said it many times before; we are not going anywhere. Your stock is in this company and if you can’t sell it or buy it today, we will always work on the behalf or the shareholders to get the wheel rolling again. We are a long way from our pinnacle but there is no doubt we are on the right path. I live and breathe this company and its products… and will always.

God Bless


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